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          We Speak Opportunity

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          private US college for upward economic mobility, propelling 学生们 to new heights
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          $ 25,606
          average amount of 10bet体育 aid offered to all new undergraduate 学生们 each year
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          internships, co-ops, field experiences, and clinicals completed by 10bet体育 学生们 last year
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          of US colleges that provide the best bachelor's degree based on salary potential

          10bet体育 University's
          Commitment to Anti-Racism

          Read Our Commitment

          We Speak New York

          Two exciting campuses—iconic New York City or picturesque 威彻斯特—offer one-of-a-kind experiences. Which is your 10bet体育?



          Choose from one of our 100+ undergraduate majors and combined degree programs or our 75+ graduate programs.

          10bet体育 路径
          Get ready for the real world with the 10bet体育路径.
          The 10bet体育 Path is our unique program that combines four-year planning, customized 教育, mentoring, internships, and other real-world experiences to achieve a lifetime of success following graduation. The 10bet体育路径 creates tomorrow's innovators and 领导者。

          We Speak Jobs

          Access to 50,000+ jobs and internships and 1,000+ employers who hire Pace 学生们 as interns. With one of the largest internship programs of any college in the New York metropolitan area, 10bet体育 provides you with the tools, guidance, and network to take you from the classroom to the real world.



          10bet体育 学生们 are ambitious, creative, dynamic, and forward thinking. They're innovators and 10bet体育setters. If you're ready to claim your spot among them, 这里's your chance. Apply today.



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